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Windows Web Hosting

Windows UK Based Web Hosting

Looking for a UK based web host who can provide the best windows hosting services. A web host who is going to be able to look after you and offer you affordable web hosting. If so 123 SmartHost have selected web hosting packages available right now to purchase.

UK Windows Shared Hosting

When you talk about shared hosting, you probably think about web hosts offering you cheap deals, and unbelievable prices. Our choice of Windows based shared hosting does offer affordable prices, but they offer quality of service with servers that not over-loaded with websites.

Start your own Reseller Web Hosting Business

Some years back we wanted to have our own web hosting company. But with everything else, you need to start small and then learn how to grow up! So reseller web hosting is ideal for people starting out in the web hosting business. You can offer your own web hosting, BUT with the support of a larger established hosting company.

Web Hosting on the cloud

When we look up at the sky you see clouds, right? But Windows Cloud Hosting is a fantastic way of having your own dedicated servers, with your own operating systems. You can choose how big or small you want to be, and whether or not you want a managed cloud web hosting service, or look after it yourself.